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JSG is recruiting new members!

creative5 aFM posted 13 hours ago

JustSmileGaming is a multigaming community focusing around DayZ Standalone, 7 Days to Die, League of Legends and other fun games.

We are in the process of recruiting new members to create chaos and mayhem while also having fun in the process.

Fill in you application, take up your arms and join the fight!

World Cup 2014 Competition

I am pleased to announce Just Smile Gamings own WC2014 competition!

How To Play: Correctly tell me who will win the world cup as well as who will get 2nd and 3rd place.
Prize: Any game on steam below £50.

Please comment in the comment section and I will add your name and who you picked to this post!

No more entries when knockout staged begin.

If more then 1 person wins then the £50 is split up depending on how many winners.

I will go first and good luck to all!

ItsJustKfoss: 1.Germany - 2.Brazil - 3.Spain
Haribo: 1.Spain - 2.Brazil - 3.Germany
DaredeviledEggs: 1.Spain - 2.Germany - 3. Belgium
Chiok: 1.Ghana - 2.Japan - 3.Côte d'Ivoire
Jock: 1.Brazil - 2.Spain - 3.Germany
Itnas: 1.Spain - 2.Brazil - 3.Argentina
Lophophora: 1.Brazil - 2.Spain - 3. Netherlands
AndyBowdenn: 1.Brazil - 2.Argentina - 3.Spain
Ham: 1.England - 2. Australia - 3. Russia
Frozy: 1.Germany - 2.Netherlands - 3.Brazil
el Dev1l: 1 Netherlands - 2.Brazil - 3.Germany
el Dev1l PVT 1.Holland 2.Brazil 3.Germany
Frozy 1.Germany 2.Netherlands 3.Brazil
Frozy 1.Germany 2.Netherlands 3.Brazil

JSG June Update!

Jock aFM posted Jun 1, 14

Welcome to the JSG update!

As recruitment efforts continue, AndyB has contributed his time to making our new recruitment video as seen above!    As always, we are recruiting.  Interested?   Apply now via the application form!

As we continue to develop as a gaming community, it is important to recognise the contributions and time invested by members, so we'd like to congratulate the following on their recent promotions!

-Revolverman is now a full commissioned officer with a promotion to Captain.
-Itnas has taken the step up to the highest NCO rank as a Warrant Officer One.
-And finally, Ham has been promoted to Warrant Officer Two.

Rainbow Six is the new squad within the JSG Community.  Is is now fully functioning and is being led by Chiok and (A).   Rainbow Six has decided to take a different path from the Zulu One, as defined in their squad statement : Rainbow Six's main decree is not to kill, but to help and serve.   The squad is now bound for their first set of operations and we look forward to hearing the results!

In other news, following the departure of n00ms, Zulu One now has a space free and we are currently looking for a new member to join!   Contact any ZuluOne member if you are interested.

JSG Expansion
JSG Continues to evolve into a much larger gaming community.   We now have squads going across games such as DayZ:SA, League of Legends, ARMA III, BF4, SWTOR and CS:GO!

Clan Wars
JSG Have new found rivals!  Some time ago the dust settled between other clans such as -Sail- and JSG.  This was hardly surprising either due to the combat efficiency of JSG and the love for hunting other clans down.  As of recent we have been raiding other servers in hope of finding new rivals and we have ended up in regular fire fights with [10TR]. It is with this we would like to announce that an official clan match is now in the making and soon information will be posted up regarding this!

Experimental Patch Notes (DayZ:SA) v0.45.12499
Below are the current patch notes for the experimental server.  Whilst this is subject to change, it will give an indication of what to expect in the new Dayz patch!

  • Action: Cancel current action
  • Action: Chopping Down Trees
  • Action: Drinking from Ponds animation
  • Action: Search for Berries
  • Action: Picking Apples
  • Action: Dig up for worms
  • Action: Mine stone with pickaxe
  • Action: Raw Boar Steak
  • Action: Wild Boar Pelt
  • Action: Fishing action
  • Action: Tear out pages from books
  • Action: Bladed melee weapons can be sharpen on a stone (only badly damaged blades)
  • Action: Ashwood stick can be cut into pieces with a hacksaw
  • Action: Skin a deer with a knife, machete
  • Item: Road flare
  • Item: Fireplace Kit
  • Item: Fishing hook
  • Item: Composite Arrow
  • Item: Firewood
  • Location: Novodmitrovsk Town
  • Location: Karmanovka village
  • Building: New Industrial building
  • Event: Helicopter crashsites spawn at server start (3 per server)
  • Location: New mine area north Gvozdno
  • Location: Pyramid has been replaced by a sign
  • Weapon: AKM with 30 rnd mag, 75 rnd mag, PSO1 Scope
  • Weapon: Longhorn (uses 7.62x51mm Ammo)
  • Weapon: P1 Pistol
  • Animals: Deer, Boar, Goat, Cow, Fish
  • Clothing: OREL Unit Uniform (pants + jacket)
  • Clothing: Police Officer Uniform (pants + jacket + cap)
  • Clothing: Gorka Uniform (pants + jacket)
  • Clothing: High capacity vest (12 slots)
  • Clothing: Glasses with thin frames
  • Crafting: Improvised courier bag from animal pelt
  • Loot respawn system
  • New Crouch walk animations
  • New Building Footstep Sounds
  • Fixed
  • Melee weapon damage
  • New "Search For Berries" pop-ups.
  • Zombie corpses disappear in approx. 60-80 seconds now, instead of instantly.
  • Zombie corpses no longer blocks players.

    And as a final note, thank you to all who donated last month and allowed us to reach the monthly goal.

    With love as always,
    The JustSmileGaming Community.
    ItsJustKfoss a Amazing!
    Jock aFM Nice work on the vid!

    JSG Update | 06/05/2014

    Jock aFM posted May 6, 14

    As always JSG is still recruiting and it continues to grow with thanks to the efforts of our recruitment team, gaming celebrity visits from PSISyndicate and TheGreatKhan and then general in game activities of the clan.  It is due to some of these reasons that the JSG Recruitment procedure has now been updated.

    Why did the recruitment policy change?
    The previous recruitment policy was to have members join the clan via the application form.  After this was done, they were given a standardised welcome message and then left to find their own way to teamspeak.   Once in teamspeak, they had all the questions of what is allowed?   What do we wear?  Where do we play?  What should I gear?    All of this caused some new applicants to join but never actually play. The new application method will now change this.

    So what has actually changed?
    First off, a new JSG Code of Conduct was published.     This is a small article that takes less than a minute to read.  It informs all new members on what is expected of them and how they can integrate themselves within the clan without needing to ask everyone a hundred different questions.   It is more of a quick introductory guide that new members have to sign before playing with JSG.   This allows new members to join teamspeak with some idea of what is going on, and JSG members who may be in a fire fight not to be interrupted.   Some of the previous new recruits that joined mentioned that when they first joined, they were a little unsettled and felt as if they were interrupting - and then unsure what to do.   

    So how does it work?
    New members apply for a trial member ship which in 9 times out of 10, will be accepted.   Once it is accepted they are granted access to the forums.   They are instructed to visit the JSG Code of Conduct thread and to read it.   Upon reading, they sign.   Upon signing on the thread, the trial membership will officially begin which will last approximately 7 days.

    Currently this procedure is now live and hopefully will be beneficial to all.

    In other news, JSG is still looking for new members to join its gaming community!   Why run away from that group executing every living player in Berezino when you could be one of that group?   Hell, we'll even let you loot the bodies.

    With love as always,
    From the JustSmileGaming Community.

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