Goededag Survivalists,
Alpha 10 code name "The Apocalypse Release” is out and it’s one of our biggest releases to date. The feature rich Apocalypse update includes: our new character creation system with face/body morphing and visible clothing, our new zombie horde world heat map system, a new wellness system which tracks eating habits and disease, a new model based destructible/upgradable door system, an enhanced buff system with criticals, hunger, thirst and lighting zombies on fire, a brand new sexier easier to use server browser, a new random gen township system for dynamic small towns in every biome, Linux client and dedicated server support, offline mode support, a world destruction art pass, over a dozen new locations including gun stores with signs, concrete upgradable fort building, farming overhaul and a multitude of fixes, requested changes

Folks this is the largest content drop to date as Fred Sanford used to say "it’s the big one.” This update has some big framework changes so starting a new game is a must. Please don’t try to salvage your old saved game. And for those of you that experience any problems please use your steam client to delete local files and reinstall the game. Note: EAC will be disabled for 24 hours.

Now for a complete list of Alpha 10 release notes read on you big dummy!

Just Smile Gaming want to give back to our players. We have arranged a monthly lottery for the chance to win a prize. The prize depends on how many enter but can be any of the following: Summoner Icon, Rune Page, Mystery Skin, Mystery Champion, Choice of Skin, Choice of Champion.

To purchase a ticket and your chance to win. Go to:

"Just the luck of the draw."

Flesh Gore and Blood PVP 24/7


We have a new 7DaysToDie Server with root access. This enables us to increase the quality of service. New features are highlighted below. Main Setting Change for Block Durability which will make bases destructible and gives us a new challenge to make our bases PVP secure. Spread the word that we have a great server up and running for the upcoming A10 release.

-) PVP & Feral Mode
-) Map Random Gen
-) 50 Prefabs added
-) Landblock size 32x32, expires after 7 days offline
-) Claimed area block durability Modifier Online 32x, Offline 64x
-) Base raiding allowed
-) drop tool belt on death
-) custom recipes
-) active admins
-) craft able auger and chainsaw
-) Global Ban list
-) Voting enabled
-) no cheating or exploiting tolerated
-) like bag stacking, render scouting/shooting,..
-) root server with full admin access to deal with cheaters
-) auto-kick high ping players (300ms)
-) Zombies default, run at night
-) day length 60 and 20% night
-) instant loot timer and double craft timer
-) 7 Day sliding backup done once a day
-) hourly sliding backup for quick rollback
-) 12 hour restart with warning and online check if players are online
-) Alloc's Server fixes included
-) In game Selling


Most prefabs will break as it is likely that a new numbering system for the Blocks is introduced with A10. We will add them again when they are ready. We will try to import building and bases into this server. The current plan is to import the PVP arena, the maze and the castle as prefab. But it is not clear at the moment if this will be even possible

Happy hunting and see you soon in the Apocalypse!

n00ms AEP Nice one man!

With the 2014 season winding down, we’re once again just around the corner from the time of chaos that is preseason! Rest assured this isn’t chaos for the sake of chaos or disruption for the sake of disruption; the preseason is an important period of downtime between ranked and professional play to set the foundation for the next year of League’s evolution.

Season 5 is set to be a huge change to gameplay and has been labelled by riot as "Increasing Strategic Diversity".

JSG have a very active League of Legends team, we are always looking for new members to join us. We play on a regular basis and have amassed a great amount of experience between us all.

We are all looking forward to Season 5 and eager to see what it has to offer!

So what are you waiting for?

Riot have released this snippet of information to wet our appetites...

"We’ll be experimenting with changes to objectives (towers, dragon, and baron), the jungle (a new camp, spawn times, difficulty, items, rewards… well, all of it really), items (more situationally powerful actives!) and some core systems (stats per level, death timers, how health / mana regen works). It’s a lot to take in and will take even more time to master in-game, but we’ll walk you through it as we go deeper into the design decisions behind these changes in the coming days. Every change is geared towards laying a foundation which can support more strategic diversity - no matter which champ you choose on the path to victory." - Riot
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